V.ATTIS Business Consulting Ltd was established in 2012 with the scope of providing integrated management consulting services in the agrifood sector. We specialize in marketing, strategic, operations and small business consulting.

Our services include among others the preparation of investment proposals and portfolios on behalf of our clients in ensuring that they take advantage of National and European funding programs including business planning, project management, conducting marketing studies, developing and implementing food safety and quality management systems and designing the functional operation of processing plants in the food industry. We also train agrifood enterprises towards export and extroversion (quality control, standardization, food labeling, export procedures and formalities, export plan).

Our people consist of agronomists and agricultural economists with substantial experience in the agribusiness sector and food industry. Moreover our company has a strong team of external collaborators from different scientific disciplines in order to meet the specific needs of our clients’ businesses (engineers, chemists, legal counsels, environmental scientists).

Our primary goal is to find innovative and taylormade solutions for our clients, so as to mobilize their companies to develop new ideas and achieve tangible and measurable results.

Values such as integrity, trustworthiness, top quality in our business services and commitment to our customers are vital for us.

Key features of our services include:

Design and implement simple and customized solutions for our clients
Make realistic promises to our clients
Meet commitments and deadlines
Expertise and deep know-how of the agrifood sector
Being accessible to our clients when they need to contact us

April 2021