We strongly believe that the reinforcement of extroversion of Greek food companies can only be achieved through the production and distribution of branded, standardized, high quality and safe agricultural products and foodstuffs.

For this purpose we provide integrated business consulting services to our clients in the following areas:

Quality Control and Standardization, so as to guarantee the production of high quality and safe agricultural products and foodstuffs –

-Food Labeling under the existing EU and national legislation and the specific requirements imposed by the importing countries, so as to enhance the performance of our clients’ products in their target markets.

Integrated Export Solutions:

  • Preparation of export plans
  • Trademark registration and protection before the products enter the foreign markets
  • Proper designing of the products to be exported
  • Proper costing and pricing of the products to be exported
  • Promotion of agricultural products and foodstuffs to foreign markets (participation in international fairs, organization of business trips abroad, export marketing and branding)
  • Technical support and advisory services in the fields of import procedures and formalities, according to the specific requirements of each target market, insurance services covering export risks (Credit Insurance), OAEP Extroversion program, financing solutions

Our primary objective is to build long-term partnerships with trustworthy importers around the world in order to promote high quality, branded, standardized Greek agricultural products and foodstuffs in foreign markets.

Contact us to learn how you can prepare your business to successfully export your products to the EU internal market and to Third Countries (e.g. USA, China, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Turkey).

May 2024