Operational Planning of Agrifood Processing Plants

We offer technical support and advisory services in planning the operational production and processing lines for our customers in the agrifood industry. We ensure that the requirements of international quality and food safety standards are met for their businesses. Moreover, we work close with our customers to choose the most suitable mechanical equipment and materials for their manufacturing facilities, so as to reduce production costs and improve the overall efficacy and efficiency of their business.

Traceability Systems

We provide technical support to developing and implementing traceability systems for all foodstuffs and agricultural products. We analyze step by step the path of a product from the field to the consumer’s plate, identifying all the critical key points, they need to focus on for traceability solutions. Our primary objective is to guarantee that the product is safe for the final consumer. Additionally we seek to protect our clients’ business when product withdrawal is needed and by this way we reduce operating costs and we ensure that the relevant requirements of the EU legislation are met.

Environmental Studies

We offer full technical support to the environmental licensing of agrifood processing units.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

We prepare business plans and feasibility studies for our clients in the agrifood industry in order to minimize operational and financial risks, increase the overall profitability and take advantage of financing solutions.

June 2024